About Dennis Snow - Customer Service Trainer

Snow & Associates, Inc. helps clients emerge into world-class customer service organizations. Dennis Snow and his network of professionals bring years of experience, backed by solid Disney backgrounds, to their keynote presentations and consulting programs – each individually customized to clients’ specific needs and growth area goals.

Effective customer service includes everything that a customer sees, hears, smells, touches and tastes. At Snow & Associates we work with companies in several critical areas of service and leadership including:

Organizational Mission Customer Service Delivery
Understanding Customers Employee Development
Customer Service Environment Executive Leadership

Our programs include:

Keynote Presentations
Dennis Snow constantly receives accolades from around the world for his keynote presentations on customer service and leadership. All keynotes are informative, inspirational and highly entertaining.

Workshops & Seminars
Our workshops and seminars are customized around topics designed to help your organization achieve its own unique excellence. With a foundation in proven customer service principles, we structure workshops to give you tools that permeate every level of your company and make service excellence “business as usual.”

Leadership/Executive Retreats
First we work closely with your team to gain an understanding of the current situation; then we design a tailored solution to bring to your leadership retreats. We believe in a collaborative approach and demonstrate that through leadership program execution.

Strategic Planning
Snow & Associates helps companies achieve their vision by leading teams through a process that puts goals in a behavioral framework, identifies the relevant barriers to achieving those goals, and outlines activities to overcoming these barriers. Our strategic planning clients often pinpoint their experience with us as the catalyst that finally led them to action.

Our training programs are effective, interactive and entertaining, as well as designed collaboratively with your organization for ongoing use. Specific techniques and processes make learning fun, and best of all, engrain knowledge.

Please contact us to see how we can help your company become a world class customer service organization.

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