Meeting Room Setup

Snow & Associates gives presentations to many different groups of varying sizes. Our Audio-Visual needs are consistent for all of our audiences. They include:

An LCD projector (2000 lumens or above) and screen. A projector that is 2000 lumens or above provides the greatest flexibility for room lighting. Less lumens often requires the meeting room lights to be dimmed. A brighter room is preferred.
A wireless lavaliere microphone. Dennis and his associates like to “work the room” when presenting.

The physical environment plays a key role in any presentation. Please take the following points into consideration for setting up the room for a speech or keynote address:

When a stage or riser is being used, the first row of chairs should be no more than ten feet from the stage, so a sense of intimacy is created between the presenter and the audience.
For audiences of less than 100, a riser is not necessary.
For larger audiences the following guidelines are suggested:

100 - 200 participants, a riser of 6”- 12”
200 – 400 participants, a riser of 12”- 24”
400 participants and above, a riser 24” to a full stage setup

When Dennis or any of our Associates are conducting a Half-day or Full-day Workshop, please provide the following:

Round tables arranged so that no participants have their backs turned toward the front of the room
Pencils or pens for each participant (handout materials will be provided)
2 flipcharts with markers


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