Creating Moments of Wow

Many companies I consult with are in search of that magical, all caps, bold WOW they can create for their customers that will result in insane customer loyalty. And I’m all for the big WOWs. I love to be on the receiving end of big WOWs. But there’s a problem – they’re hard to create. Big WOWs can be expensive and time consuming, and hard to deliver consistently.

The real magic lies in the “little moments of wow” that simply make customers feel good and feel valued. Most of these little wows
cost next to nothing (or nothing at all) and take little or no time to deliver. But the results can be amazing.

Galatoire's RestaurantA Moment of Wow - My good friend Jerry recently shared with me a story that perfectly illustrates the point. He and his significant other, Vicky, were vacationing in New Orleans. Over a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called Galatoire’s, Jerry popped THE question. Fortunately for Jerry, Vicky said yes.Their server noticed what was happening and wanted to help memorialize this special moment. On one of the restaurant’s postcards, she wrote down everything they had to eat and drink that evening. She then invited them to return on their wedding anniversary so that she could help them relive their engagement dinner. Less than sixty seconds were probably invested in this server’s act of kindness, but for Jerry and Vicky it will be remembered forever. And therein lies the magic. It’s not about time and money, it’s about an act of genuine care.

Jerry and Vicky are celebrating their one-year anniversary in a few weeks. They’re going to New Orleans. Guess where they’re having their anniversary dinner?

Wow Opportunities Are Everywhere

Creating a moment of wow simply requires being present and aware of the opportunities all around us. Just recently as I handed a hotel valet parker my keys, he said, “This is a beautiful car. We’ll take good care of it.” Pretty small stuff, but it made me feel valued, if only for a moment. If a hotel can deliver a series of little wows like that over the course a guest’s stay, the overall impression is that magical, all caps, bold WOW.

Examples of little wows:
• The repairperson who puts on surgical booties before entering your home so dirt isn’t tracked in.
• The doctor who sits down while talking with you rather than standing with his or her hand on the exam room’s doorknob.
• The auto mechanic who notes your radio settings before disconnecting the car battery so he can reset your favorite stations.
• The computer helpline rep who shares a tip about something you didn’t even know your computer could do.
• The coffee shop employee who remembers your favorite drink.

These examples are low or no cost, and low or no investment of time. But they result in good feelings and, if done consistently, result in loyal customers. And how great is that?

Something to think about: What simple act of kindness can you do today to wow a customer?

 Something else to think about: How can you build simple acts of kindness into your organization’s culture?


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