A Great Book

I'd like to make a book recommendation; The Encore Effect - How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do, by Mark Sanborn. The book has application in all areas of life, but my interest is in its immediate applicability to those organizations desiring to create memorable, loyalty-generating customer experiences.

The book's inside jacket reads (in part):

"Every day, we are called to perform - at work at home, in our communities. But is it possible to make every performance outstanding, the kind that leaves people applauding for an encore?"

I just love the idea of asking; was the way I handled that customer interaction worthy of an encore? Did my performance in that situation make the customer want more? An encore in business is repeat business - it's customer loyalty and enthusiastic referrals.

The book is structured in three segments; Understanding the Encore Effect, Achieving the Encore Effect, and Sharing the Encore Effect. A few of the chapter titles include:

  • The Power of Encore Performances
  • From Routine to Remarkable - Make Them Want More
  • Passion: The Fuel for Remarkable Performance

An added benefit of The Encore Effect is that it's a quick read. I read most of it on a flight from Dallas to Orlando and finished it this morning. And that includes time spent using my highlighter to mark ideas that really resonated with me (and there were a lot).

I'm confident that you'll be pleased with this book. I know I was and I'm looking forward to the book's encore.

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