Backstage Just Came Onstage

A few weeks ago I posted an article titled, "Never Let Backstage Come Onstage," (which is actually the first chapter in my new book, Lessons From the Mouse). The backstage/onstage philosophy means that certain operational realities, those that a customer should never experience, must remain backstage. When they somehow creep onstage, the organization's brand is compromised. Backstage coming onstage can be a physical issue, such as leaving a stockroom door open so customers have a clear view of the typical behind the scenes chaos. Backstage can also be "attitudinal," such as two employees discussing the previous night's keg party with earshot of customers.

The reason I'm reflecting on this earlier blog post is because a colleague recently sent me a YouTube clip I had not seen before. The video highlights a glaring example of backstage coming onstage in a very public way. The first minute of the video provides the setup, but watch what happens as the story plays out.

Click here to see the video - Anchor Versus Reporter

Never let backstage come onstage!

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