Customer Service and the Call Center

A few months ago I posted an article, "What Do Customers Think About Your Customer Service?" In the article I stressed the value of company call/contact centers in gaining intelligence about customer opinions, opportunities, and process issues. For many organizations, their call center is the great untapped resource.

I've been invited to speak at the Customer Contact & Call Centers conference in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, October 20-22, 2008. I've been particularly aware of information about call centers and recently came across a blog post that I feel is worth passing on, The Technical Person's Guide to Customer Service. The blog is, "Service Untitled."

In particular, check the suggestions regarding never suggesting the customer is wrong and telling the customer how to prevent the problem from happening again. Good suggestions in differentiating your call center's service from the frustrating experiences many customer are used to.

If you are attending the contact center conference in October, please be sure to say hello!

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