Customer Service and the Telephone

For many businesses (my own included), a good portion of our customer interactions involve the telephone. Whether we’re actually having a conversation, leaving a message, trying to get past a “gatekeeper,” or recording our own voicemail message, the customer only has the quality of our phone skills for making judgments about the quality of our organization’s customer service.

As customers, most of us have suffered through:

  • Employees answering the phone with an indecipherable greeting.
  • Being put on hold without being asked.
  • Explaining our needs only to be transferred and having to explain them again.
  • A bored, disinterested voice on the other end of the line.
  • Lengthy voicemail messages that never seem to get to the point.

I recently read a helpful article that provides some good reminders for all of us when conducting business over the phone. I hope you find the article to be helpful and, if appropriate, pass it along to other members of your team.

Telephone Manners Article

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