Neil Ducoff Interview - No Compromise Leadership

I recently had the opportunity to interview Neil Ducoff, author of the best-selling book, No Compromise Leadership: A Higher Standard of Leadership Thinking & Behavior. I’ve known Neil for about a year and a half, and respect him as a thought leader when it comes to effectively operating a business.

During the interview Neil discusses how to create a “no compromise” culture in which every member of the organization is committed to its success. He cautions against those seemingly “insignificant” compromises leaders make every day, resulting in significantly diminished results. I think you’ll appreciate his candidness and his ability to say things in a way that will make you consider your own situation and the decisions you make.

For more information about Neil, his book, and his speaking/consulting offerings, go to One thing Neil doesn’t mention during the interview is that while his book is available through his Web site,, etc, it is also available as an audio download on his site.

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