Resource for Customer Service Quotes

When I have some time in the office, I enjoy surfing the Web for customer service information and resources. Today I came across a resource offered by Kevin Stirtz, "The Amazing Service Guy." In a recent blog post, he offers a download, "213 Customer Service Quotes." You'll see the link at the bottom of his post.

Some of these quotes could provide terrific discussion-starters for staff meetings. One idea is to start each staff meeting by sharing one of the quotes (written on a flipchart or whiteboard) and having a five-minute discussion about how the quote applies to your business. Another idea is to distribute a different quote to each staff member before the meeting with the assignment that they will each have sixty-seconds during the meeting to discuss the quote's relevance.

I'm an advocate of using a variety of strategies to reinforce the importance of excellent customer service. One of these ideas (or any approach you come up with for using the quotes) can be a no-cost, easy-to-execute way of keeping the message on everyone's radar.

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