Think Like a Black Belt™ - Jim Bouchard Interview

We all have those days when it seems that everything and everyone is against us. A meeting we’re facilitating takes an ugly turn, customers are making unreasonable demands, the boss decides to move up the deadline for our project from next week to tomorrow, etc. And we feel beaten down.

Those are the days we need to “Think Like a Black Belt!™” In fact, thinking in the manner Jim Bouchard shares in a recent interview is an approach most of us can apply to just about anything we do.

Jim is the author of the book, Think Like a Black Belt!™ scheduled for release this May. Jim went from being a drug abuser, college drop-out and failure to success as a professional martial artist and Black Belt as well as a highly sought after speaker, consultant, and author.

I know you’ll enjoy our interview and Jim’s perspective on how Black Belt thinking applies to personal and business life.

Jim has graciously provided some free gifts to listeners of the interview, which can be found at


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