Company Vehicles - Everything Speaks!

Company Vehicles - Everything Speaks!

For many organizations, their company vehicles (delivery trucks, service vans, etc.) are seen by more people than any other type of advertising they do. As those vehicles drive through neighborhoods, cruise the highways, or wait at stoplights, they are mobile billboards for the organization. The question for the company to ask themselves is, "Do our vehicles reflect our brand in the way we want it reflected?"

Truly Nolen Stretch




 I recently saw the pictured Truly Nolen Pest Control stretch limo driving through a neighborhood, along with three of their traditional "bugs." Talk about capturing attention. I even followed the limo until I got them to stop for a photo! The driver told be he gets stopped all the time for photos, and sometimes people even ask if they can rent the limo for a prom or wedding (which they don't do).

I've also seen company vehicles like the other one pictured, which I cannot imagine reflects the brand imMessy Company Vehicleage the company desires. But desire and execution are two different things. When that vehicle shows up at a customer's home or business, an impression is instantly made regardless of the company's desires.

If you have vehicles in the field, what brand message are they communicating to your current and potential customers? Just take a moment to think about how many people will

see your company's vehicles TODAY.