Customer Service Resolution

Customer Service Resolution

As 2009 gets under way, I encourage you to take a fresh look at your operation through an "Everything Speaks" lens. If you've attended one of my programs or read any of my books/articles, you know I emphasize the fact that every detail of the customer experience communicates a message to the customer - Everything Speaks.

Pepsi Can

That stray piece of trash on the ground.

Messy Desk

 That stack of papers on the desk.

 Ignoring Customers

That representative ignoring waiting customers.

Broom Closet Door

 That broom closet door left open.

 Trash Can

That damaged equipment.

Consciously or unconsciously, each of those details and countless others say something to our customers.

Today, take a walk-through of your operation - maybe taking some of your team with you - and use the Everything Speaks filter to look at your operation. What are the details communicating to your customers? What can you do to ensure the details are communicating the desired message?

Developing an Everything Speaks mindset is one of the most powerful approaches to creating a culture of service excellence. Why not start off 2009 by making Everything Speaks an organization-wide mantra?