The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

A sense of purpose has an amazing impact on job performance. When we see a purpose behind the tasks we do, everything takes on an importance that might not be so obvious otherwise.

A client recently sent me a story that powerfully reinforces the impact a sense of purpose has on performance. The story is about a group of ironworkers and how they bring smiles to faces that might not have a lot to smile about.

These ironworkers are involved in building a new cancer center at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. It's a construction job. Each day the children who come to the current cancer center write their names on pieces of paper and then tape the papers up on the windows of a walkway that's in full view of the construction site. The ironworkers see the children's names, and purposefully and carefully spray paint the names on the steel girders before hoisting them into place. The children and their parents are thrilled as they watch their names become a permanent part of this important building.

These ironworkers have taken a construction job and turned it into something far greater than that. They're demonstrating an understanding that their work is important and contributes to making the world a better place. I believe that an ironworker with a sense of purpose that powerful can't help but do a better job than one who simply completes tasks.

Take a look at the article at the link below, and pass it around to your team. Imagine if each one of us truly understood the impact of our work and performed accordingly. We all need to periodically step back and reflect on the purpose of what we do, and recognize that when we perform with a sense of purpose we can truly make a difference - no matter what our job is.

Naming the Beams For Dana Farber Patients - be sure to click on the "Read the Entire Article" link.

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