Better Than Brand Preference

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 10.56.03 AMRegardless of the industry, standing out in today’s crowded marketplace is tough. As products and services become more and more commoditized, customers have an almost unlimited number of choices for just about anything they want. And yet, some companies DO stand out from the pack.

A Bigger Goal

I was going over some old notes recently and came across a quote from fellow speaker Nido Qubein (also president of High Point University). I was in the audience when he said, “We need to stop thinking about ‘brand preference’ and start thinking about ‘brand insistence.’” Wow – that stopped me in my tracks. 

How great would it be to have customers not just prefer your products or services but insist upon them? Now that’s something to shoot for.

Your Go-To Companies

We all have certain companies that are our go-to organizations when things must be just right. It might be your go-to restaurant when special guests are in town, or your go-to store for certain types of clothes. I have my go-to dentist office that has taken care of my teeth for over 40 years. Talk about brand insistence! 

How about you? What are some organizations or products/services that you not only prefer but insist upon? Have you taken the time to think about why you insist upon them as opposed to the countless other options available to you?

What Makes a Go-To Company?

When I think of my go-to companies it boils down to these two factors: They consistently get the basics right and they make me feel valued. The car dealership where I’ve purchased my last four cars and have them maintained has earned my trust. They do the job right every time and they are consistently courteous, always offering a warm welcome. I can’t imagine going somewhere else to buy a car or have my car serviced. That’s brand insistence.

When my wife and I have visitors, we have a go-to restaurant called The Vineyard. We consistently choose them because we know the food, wine and service will be excellent every time. They’ve earned our trust and therefore our brand insistence. Yes, we do eat at other restaurants, but when it must be right, we insist on The Vineyard. 

When it comes to electronics, I insist upon Apple products. The various products work with each other seamlessly and using them is intuitive. I find the employees in the Apple Store to be highly knowledgeable and respectful of me as a customer. They gauge my knowledge quickly and “meet me where I am.” They don’t talk down to me, but they also don’t confuse me with jargon I don’t understand. They make me feel valued. Therefore, I insist upon Apple products. 

The Payoff

And here’s the beauty of all of this – the closer you get your customers to brand insistence, the less important price becomes. Yes, price might still play a role in the purchasing decision, but it’s not as big a role as when your product or service is seen as a commodity. By and large customers are willing to pay more when you’ve earned their trust. 

Here’s something to think about: What can you do to make your business one that customers not only prefer, but insist upon?