Customer Service Keynote Presentations and Workshops

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Customer Service Keynote Presentations and Workshops

Delivering A World-Class Customer Experience – Lessons From The Mouse

Customers have more choices than ever, with the result that most products and services are increasingly seen as commodities. So, in today’s market, what can an organization do to stand out from the crowd? Differentiating your service is the key to attracting and retaining customers – while driving bottom line results. More than ever customers are focused on value - what you can do that other organizations cannot or will not do. Customers want to know that you are focused on earning their ongoing loyalty.

Based on his 20-years with Walt Disney World along with many years of consulting with organizations around the world, Dennis Snow will provide a “how-to” program for delivering outstanding customer experiences. This program will provide you with strategic tools that can be used to raise the bar of service throughout your organization, resulting in “walk-through-fire” customer loyalty.

Participants will learn:

  • Approaches that help your employees move from a task mindset to an experience mindset.
  • A process for ensuring that your organization’s “backstage” environment never impacts the “onstage” customer experience.
  • Four specific strategies for wowing customers every time.
  • A mechanism for ensuring that your organization’s processes are designed through the “lens of the customer.”


"Sometimes a key indicator of a successful speaker is how often their presentation is referenced or cited in future conversations and meetings. Over the remaining days of the summit, I heard portions of your presentation discussed, referenced and noted many times. Your lively, yet relatable message was extremely well received."

QBE North America - Client

-QBE North America

Leading a Culture of Service Excellence

In today’s competitive market, developing a service excellence strategy is an important part of any leader’s role. Beyond developing the strategy, however, there is the challenge of executing the plan. It’s in the execution that service excellence strategies become a reality or simply another “flavor-of-the-month” program. Employees watch to see how committed the organization truly is to customer service and take their cues directly from their leaders. In order to effectively implement an organization-wide service excellence strategy, today’s leaders must rely on the skills of a facilitator and idea champion, and must walk the talk of service excellence.

Based on the leadership principles Dennis learned, lived, and taught during his 20-years with Walt Disney World, this presentation highlights specific leadership behaviors that bring a service strategy to life and describes how to “hardwire” service excellence into an organization’s culture.

Participants will learn:

  • The behaviors that will define your organization’s service culture.
  • Hiring processes that ensure that service-oriented individuals are recruited and selected for employment.
  • New-hire and ongoing training practices that reinforce your organization’s service culture.
  • Effective communication strategies that keep employees focused on the customer experience.
  • Techniques for involving employees in the forward movement of the organization and for empowering customer-focused decision-making.
  • Accountability processes that ensure that service excellence is non-negotiable.


"You did an amazing job for us and I have heard nothing but great responses from our school administrators.  Several of them have been applying the ideas you shared with their teachers and staff this week as they are getting ready for their students to return to school on Monday.  It was such a great message and one that our school district really needed at this time.  I have already had people asking for your information and will be happy to share with other districts about the great training you provided."

Jordan School District - Client

-Jordan School District

Performance Excellence: The Employee Factor

An engaged workplace is one in which the organization’s mission, vision, and values are demonstrated consistently and naturally. In this kind of work environment employee performance, involvement, and loyalty are high and customer satisfaction is the primary focus of the entire team.

Based on his 20-years with Walt Disney World along with many years of consulting with organizations around the world, Dennis Snow will provide a “how-to” program for engaging employees in delivering outstanding customer service.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Build a customer-focused culture.
  • Break down organizational silos, creating a “one organization” mentality.
  • Inspire personal accountability in the workplace.
  • Build “walk-through-fire” employee loyalty.
  • Create a work environment where the best employees want to be.


"I loved Dennis Snow's presentation.  It made me feel excited about coming to work on Monday for our customers.  I am eager to implement the Service he spoke of and am excited to see Glacier Bank grow as a result!"

Glacier Bank - Client

-Glacier Bank

About Dennis Snow

Dennis Snow has a passion for service excellence and has presented around the world on the subject. His customer service abilities were born and developed over 20 years with Walt Disney World. In his last year with Walt Disney World, Dennis’ leadership performance was ranked in the top 3% of the company’s leadership team.

He is now a full-time speaker, trainer, and consultant, and is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals in the areas of customer service, employee development, and leadership. He’s the author of two best-selling business books, Lessons From the Mouse, and Unleashing Excellence.

Dennis is known for delivering high value content in a highly entertaining style. Participants leave his presentations and workshops inspired and equipped with tools and principles that can be applied immediately in their own organizations.

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