Customer Service Excellence - It's the Small Things

Orlando InfinitiThe last three cars I've purchased have all been from the same dealership, Orlando Infiniti. I might be able to get a better deal somewhere else and I'm pretty sure I could have the car serviced cheaper(!!), but I plan to buy my next car from Orlando Infiniti. Why? Because I trust them completely.

They do the little things that make a difference. When it comes to auto repair, two of my pet peeves, and I know these will sound petty:

1. When an auto repair shop puts the driver's seat as far back as it will go and leaves it there.

2. If they have to disconnect the car's battery, they leave the radio stations in a mess.

Orlando Infiniti's repair shop ensures they reset everything to the way it was when they received the car. There's no having to readjust anything, or having to remember what my favorite radio stations are. They also start the car and get the air conditioner going while I pay the bill, which makes a difference when you live in Florida.

Yes, they service the car properly and do all of the big things right, too. But these small touches make a difference and solidify my trust in Orlando Infiniti, giving them a loyal customer.

Something to think about: What are the little touches that can impress your customers?