Eye Contact - The Window to the Soul of Customer Service

There I stood at the counter, wondering why the customer service clerk didn't see me. I had the items I wanted to purchase on the counter, I had my wallet out; what I didn't have was the clerk's attention. He was busy filling out a form that I think had something to do with the cash register. I probably could've walked right out the door and he never would've seen me.

I can certainly understand the need for employees to fill out paperwork, change the register's cash drawer, or finish processing the previous transaction. All I ask is to be acknowledged with a simple, "I'm so sorry, I'll be right with you," and that it is said with sincere eye contact. If the words are said without eye contact, the employee might as well just say, "You don't exist to me right now."

Sincere eye contact creates a connection, it shows respect, and it shows care. It says you acknowledge me as an important part of your job. And if that eye contact has even the slightest hint of a sincere smile, well you've just separated yourself from ninety-nine percent of the service providers out there. And I will happily wait as you finish filling out that form.

The eyes say it all.