Favorite Words

When returning a client's call or email, I love to hear the words, "Wow! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly." Those words tell me I've exceeded their expectations, and that's a great way to begin a dialogue with a customer/client.

To be sure, I don't hear those words every time because there are times I don't respond quickly enough to deserve a wow (although I do focus on quick response times). And some people just aren't "wow people." But I know when I do receive a wow for getting back to a client quickly, the trust factor is being established.

In today's market place, with so many customer service disappointments and frustrations, a quick response to a customer's communication is a welcome surprise. Most customers aren't used to it and are delighted when they receive it. It's a way to instantly differentiate your service from your competitors as well as from most other organizations customers deal with.

In your next response to a customer's communication, shoot for the Wow!