How Important is Customer Service to an Organization? Let's Look at the Proof

Oftentimes when you are proposing a customer experience improvement initiative for your organization, or you are even in the middle of implementing the plan, some skeptics demand hard data. "Do you have numbers to back up this effort?" "What proof do you have that this initiative will add to our bottom line?" "How can you quantify something as subjective as the customer experience?" You don't want to meet these questions with a blank stare. Fortunately, my guest blogger, Reuben Yonatan, founder and CEO of GetVolp,  has put together a remarkably thorough infographic that can help make your case!

The 75 Customer Service Statistics You Can’t Ignore in 2019

By: Reuben Yonatan

The ability for a business to offer quality customer service in 2019 is imperative for its overall success. Customers differentiate businesses not from the products they sell, but from the quality of service they offer.

Customer service agents tend to play a significant role in the sales process as well. If a prospect has a question, they typically go to customer service first. The way the agent handles an inquiry can determine whether or not that lead will make a purchase. For example, a customer service agent would know which sales agent is best suited for handling an inquiry and connect the lead with that agent.

Personalized experiences and self-service options are great ways to offer a positive customer experience. After all, customer service interacts the most with your customers, and they’re often representative of how your business does business. But don’t just take our word for it. We have receipts -- the infographic below compiles 75 customer service statistics you can’t ignore in 2019.

Customer Service Statistics Infographic GetVOiPInsert Infographic Here

This infographic was originally published here on January 29th.


About the author:

Reuben Yonatan is the founder and CEO of GetVoIP – a trusted comparison resource that helps companies understand and choose a business communication solution for their specific needs. Reuben assists SMBs align business strategy with culture and improve overall corporate infrastructure.