Right Fit Talent at its Best

Why does JetBlue Airways like to hire flight attendants who are former New York City police officers and fire fighters? A recent Wall Street Journal article, "From the NYPD to JetBlue," by Scott McCartney, provides a wonderful example of an organization that understands right fit talent.

"...it dawned on recruiters that people who had been through emergencies routinely wouldn't panic onboard airplanes."

"...They know how to handle people in stressful situations and could take command of an aircraft cabin."

"...The best skill they bring to the airplane cabin, they (JetBlue management) say, may be the ability to put an end to conflicts before they turn into air rage incidents."

Understanding where your most successful employees come from is a powerful recruiting practice. And today's HR technology can easily automate the needed data mining.

As you read the article, the approach JetBlue has taken may seem blindingly obvious. But most organizations come nowhere near understanding the critical success factors for the positions they're trying to fill.

I hope you enjoy the article and find something that inspires a new idea for your organization.

Something to think about: Where do your most successful employees come from?