Simply Excellent Customer Service

My wife and I had dinner a couple of nights ago at a local Uno Chicago Grill. I hadn't been in an Uno's for a while and was very impressed with the look of the facility. Lots of energy, but not loud (I don't like loud restaurants - it makes conversation too hard). They had it just right.

But my focus, as usual, was on the service; and the service that evening was wonderful. But here's the point: no one did anything breathtaking, they just did the little things very well. Every employee we encountered made us feel welcome. My wife commented with what I think were exactly the right words - "They seemed genuinely happy we were there." And we will definitely be back.

Would your customers say that every employee seemed genuinely happy to serve them? Or do they sometimes feel as though they're being processed through the system?

As I said, there were no heroics by the Uno's employees that evening. But they didn't need heroics.

Great service isn't the result of one big thing. It's the result of many little things done extremely well.