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Dennis Snow




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Lessons From the Mouse is written by someone who actually worked on Disney World’s rides, controlled the crowds at parades, and stood in the rain for hours telling guests Space Mountain was closed. At one point, Dennis Snow even had to reprimand Goofy for poor attendance. It is from this first-hand point-of-view that Snow peels away the veneer to show the day-to-day operation. Lessons includes things he learned from his early days as a front-line cast member to the business imperatives he lived as a member of the management team.

The Disney organization is not presented as perfect or infallible in this book. In fact, Snow humorously shares some of the company’s missteps. However, readers will see that the things Disney does well, it does very well. The proof is that Disney World is usually ranked the single most popular vacation destination on earth.
Lessons From the Mouse is constructed as a series of lessons because therein lies the secret to discovering Disney’s magic – understanding and applying these ideas every day in a disciplined way. The title of each chapter is a snapshot of the lesson within. The beginning of each chapter explains how a particular lesson was taught and reinforced when Snow worked at Disney World – and why it’s important. The lessons are then applied to various “real world” work situations. Each chapter ends with questions and ideas for implementing the lesson.

Readers can apply the principles in this book in several ways. Lessons From the Mouse can be used to raise the bar of individual performance, it can work as a guide for a series of staff meetings, or each chapter could be a training module for the entire organization. Many readers will just want to open the book periodically for a quick dose of inspiration. However you decide to use Lessons From the Mouse, the important thing is to put the lessons to work.
Over the past eight years Dennis Snow has helped organizations from all over the world apply the principles in this book – the principles he learned over his 20 years at Disney. The results for these companies have been positive: improved customer satisfaction; reduced employee turnover; and increased profitability. These lessons have proved to be applicable to any industry, any organization, and any job.

What Others Are Saying About Lessons From The Mouse
“Dennis Snow has built a better mousetrap, capturing the best ideas from his years with Walt Disney World and sharing them with anyone interested in improving his or her organization or career. By mastering his simple Lessons From the Mouse, any company—and any employee—can become well known for extraordinary customer service.”

Ed Yingling, President and CEO, American Bankers Association

“At Florida State University we have found the principles of Lessons From the Mouseto be very useful in the service we provide to students and their families. Dennis Snow’s leadership tips encourage you to take ownership of your institution’s mission, regardless of your role. “Lessons” also provides excellent advice for our new college graduates as they begin their first jobs.”

-Mary B. Coburn, VP for Student Affairs, Florida State University

"The culture of a company matters and Disney is likely the preeminent example of this mantra.  However this book is not a manual with a magic formula to create Disney-like companies worldwide.  Rather Dennis Snow develops concepts couched in real life examples about how to keep the focus on the customer.  Focus on the customer, of course, always has the added and considerable benefit of creating fully engaged associates at all levels and value for shareholders.  The lessons here are concrete and accessible but not easy.  If incorporated into a business and into personal life they will lead to significant change.  Change that is worth the effort."  

-Melvin F. Hall, Ph.D., President & CEO, Press Ganey Associates, Inc

“I expected to read ‘another customer service book’ and trust me I feel as though I have read them all. Much to my surprise, this book is truly different. I feel as though I have found a book with universal application to customer service. This book will not be sitting within my library with the others; I plan to use it as a textbook for our service initiative.”

-Carolyn Otten, COO, Springfield Health Clinic LLP

“In the financial services industry, service is a key element for success.  In Lessons From the Mouse, you will get practical solutions to deliver exceptional service and the lessons can be applied at all levels within the organization.”  

-Thomas E. Hoaglin, CEO - Huntington Bank

“The principles outlined in Lessons From the Mouse, while based upon Dennis' experience at Walt Disney World, translate to any organization and any individual within an organization.  Cummins is successfully applying these principles globally to create great experiences for customers and to enable every employee to have a clear line of sight to the customer.”

-Joe Loughrey, President and Chief Operating Officer, Cummins Inc.

“Lessons From the Mouse offers what our front line team members value most — practical, actionable, relatable solutions to the everyday issues and opportunities they face with customers. Dennis knows what matters to the customer and he presents solid ideas for making their experience memorable. No fancy theories, just simple wisdom that works. It’s a worthwhile read!”

-Roberto R. Herencia, President, Banco Popular North America

“What makes Lessons From the Mouse so valuable is that Dennis Snow writes from a front line, customer contact perspective.  There's no wasted space in this book.  Every page has ideas ready to put to work for you or your organization.  Lessons From the Mouse is engaging, entertaining, and of great practical value. This is a winner!"

- Joe Calloway - author - Work Like You're Showing Off!

“Dennis Snow teaches how to show empathy, pay attention to detail, have fun, go the extra mile, and listen to your customers — all things that cost nothing to deliver but say, ‘we care,’ which is the most important message you can send.”

-Dave Baca, Managing Partner,
Law Offices of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

"Dennis Snow has hit another home run. Lessons From the Mouse is unique. It is an easy read, but packed with practical business wisdom. Dennis' ‘lessons’ apply to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Read it and reap the benefits for your organization and yourself.”

-Allan R. Nagle, former President, Tupperware Worldwide. Former Interim Dean, Crummer School of Business, Rollins College

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