Customers Fight Back Against Bad Customer Service

Most of us have heard the popular statistic, “customers who get lousy customer service will tell nine other people.” Well, that statistic is grossly out of date.

Because of the internet, when customers get lousy customer service they can now tell thousands, even millions of people about it. Witness how quickly the news about JetBlue leaving customers stranded on a plane for ten hours last year raced through the blogosphere. As thousands of blogs and the main stream media picked up the story, the company was almost brought to its knees in a matter of days.

I regularly check out several blogs and I’m amazed at how many postings focus on a nightmare customer service event the blogger experienced. And the writer rarely holds back on naming the offending organization.

One blogger recently was able to slam two communications companies in one shot in his post, Comcast Customer Service Sucks. And his blog is one that’s supposed to be dedicated to golf!

You might unfortunately even find a recording of the interaction posted; which is exactly what happened to AOL when an unhappy customer famously tried to cancel his service. This event eventually made its way to NBC News.

So next time you’re tempted to ignore, berate or embarrass a customer, just imagine that the next action may be to fire up his/her blog and let the world (literally) know what happened.


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